3 Absenteeism excuses you can penalise employees for

Here's how to handle the cheap tricks your employees
use for a day off

The Stop Absenteeism Report

Dear Reader,

Excuse#1: “I went to the clinic, but they were too busy to give me a sick note. I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t want to wait for nurse to write a note.”

Excuse#2: “I ran out of airtime and I couldn’t buy any because I didn’t have money, so I couldn't call you.”

Excuse#3: “I had to attend my aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding ceremony in Rustenburg. I only found out about it at the last minute.”

You’ve most probably heard these excuses, and many more, one too many times and you’re so over it…

In most companies, absenteeism will cost you between 6-10% of payroll. This is mostly because employees feel they’re ‘entitled’ to use up all of their sick leave credits by having the odd ‘duvet day’.

Don’t accept excuses if your employee can’t give you supporting evidence to prove their absence from work.

If you read our latest report Stop Absenteeism you’d know that you don’t need to accept the above three excuses without proof.


But what about the sneaky employees who carefully calculate their sick leave cycle and ‘play by the rules’, even though there’s no legitimate reason for them to be absent.

How do you catch these employees out?

Stop absenteeism in one easy step!

The truth is, you only need one tool to stop absenteeism in your company today:
The Stop Absenteeism Report.

It’ll guarantee:

More than 11 tools, checklists and policies to make your job easier

To make your job even easier, I’ll also send you more than 11 tools, checklists and policies including:

If your employee is still taking chances and absent on a regular basis, don’t despair. Use our attendance

improvement plan. The three templates we give you make it easy. Print each form and use the counselling process we suggest. The templates make sure every step is correctly documented.

Yes! I want to stop absenteeism
in my company today!

This CCMA Commissioner will help solve your absenteeism problems

The Stop Absenteeism Report is written by Barney Jordaan. He’s dealt with Industrial Relations, labour law and Employment Equity problems for the last 21 years. He’s heard every absenteeism excuse you can think of. He knows how to help you put a stop to absenteeism today.

Plus he’s a part-time Senior Commissioner at the CCMA.

It’s like having your own CCMA Commissioner to solve your absenteeism problem.

You can solve your absenteeism problems for less than 2.50c a day

With The Stop Absenteeism Report you’ll get all the tools and advice you need to stop absenteeism today for only R799 – that’s less than R3.33 per working day to stop absenteeism in your company.

Even better news... We’ve just launched this report and want you to be first to implement our proven absenteeism strategy.

So, if you order Stop Absenteeism today... You’ll only pay R599.

That’s only 2.50c per day to stop absenteeism in your company.

Plus, if you don’t stop absenteeism in your company within 30 days, I’ll give you your money back.  No arguments. Simply return it to me and I’ll give you a full refund.

To order your copy today and take control of your sick leave abusers, simply complete the order form.



Rachel Paterson
Business Publisher


PS. Impress your boss and start reducing your absenteeism by next week. Order your copy of Stop Absenteeism today.

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